About Us

When an athlete is truly one of the best of the best and can come through in the biggest of situations, they are known as Clutch. We understand in sports how you are seen means everything, so at Clutch Sports Apparel we wanted the name to stand for something, to mean something. When you wear your graphic tee shirt with CLUTCH across the chest or your high-quality baseball batting glove with a never before seen design you can feel good about being one of the best of the best.

Clutch Sports Apparel started out as a concept of how to make baseball apparel relevant again. While baseball is America’s pastime, Clutch decided to add a little twist to baseball batting gloves, to take the game that everyone loves and make the batting gloves cool again. With an artist approach to baseball, while making high-quality products, Clutch Sporting Apparel is making baseball batting gloves come from out of the cellar and back into the spotlight.


Clutch is starting with baseball batting gloves but they have their sights set much higher with changing the landscape of the entire baseball apparel scene. We strive to bring only the best material, the best design, and the best overall product to the Clutch Sports Apparel family. So when you see a new product offered by Clutch Sports Apparel you know it is truly great and will allow you to come through in the Clutch situation. When you can come through in those types of situations you can truly say: