Whats Next For Clutch Sports Apparel?

What’s next for Clutch Sports Apparel?


Sitting here today on Wednesday April 5th 2017 we get asked a lot via private message and on our Facebook Live’s what’s next for Clutch. So today I (Josh) am going to tell you. There are three major developments going on right now for us.

  1. Our version two of our batting gloves FINALLY come in stock April 15th. This style of baseball batting gloves we are calling our pro grade styles. If you haven’t seen them yet check them out (if you truly haven’t stop reading this and go check them out, no seriously I am not kidding) https://www.clutchsportsapparel.com/collections/all/pro-grade What’s different with these are a couple different things. One as you will notice there isn’t an interlocking design. These still have cool stylish designs but more of a traditional look to them. Two the spandex under lining is restriction free for not only comfort but for mobility. This will allow your hands to have a more natural grip when holding the bat. Three the finger patterns are pre-curved to provide a natural fit from day one. No more having to break in your baseball batting gloves. We have 7 different designs and color options to choose from with our pro style batting gloves.
  2. Our Rugged Ox Line is still being worked on. We have been at this for a while yet. One thing I pride myself on is being 100% transparent. This line was set to launch in March and as you can see it hasn’t. The reason it hasn’t was the quality wasn’t there with the manufacture to pull the trigger on the mass order. If we are going to put our money and name behind a product it must be quality. So, while the designs are very cool and modern we are working to get only the best quality material to launch the line. For those of you who ask what is the Rugged Ox Line, it is our everyday active wear line for both men and women. This line includes not only tee shirts but women’s tank tops, hoodies, and leggings, an athleisure line you can say. We are still hoping to launch this line in quarter two of 2017 but we will push it back if we feel the quality isn’t there for our customers. We are not afraid to let you know what we are doing and what success we have or failures as well. Like many of you know our original Clutch gloves failed multiple times before we found the right combination.
  3. The last item we are currently working on is a more of a boutique style feel for our women’s Clutch baseball apparel. We know we don’t have many options for not only the women’s softball/baseball player but the baseball mom out there. That’s why we are currently in the process of designing and testing 3-5 new designs for the baseball mom. These range in different tanks, long sleeve, and short sleeve shirts options. Our first one launched two weeks away with huge success in our lips and laces shoulder cut shirt. If you missed it here is a link to it. https://www.clutchsportsapparel.com/collections/apparel/products/womens-baseball-lips-and-laces-shoulder-cut-shirt

So that is currently what is on our plate for quarter 2 of Clutch Sports Apparel, but the great thing about us is we feel at all times we have the right and ability to change our minds. The reason why we feel this is a STRONG advantage for us is we give you our end consumer what you want because we listen to you. If our pro style gloves suck, we will pull them in a heartbeat and work on a new style. If they are great, we will work on new designs on them. We truly listen to every complement we get but more to very complaint and negative comment. To be honest sometime when you’re in this day in and day out you can’t see the forest through the trees they say, and that is true. So we use all of your voices as a guiding light on what we should do next. 

So we are always looking for what’s next. And what’s on the horizon for us is more great innovation, more product offerings, and maybe more sports. Who knows, but the one thing I know is how much I appreciate each and every one of you. Anyone that has bought a product of ours, that visited our website, or even visited our social media pages I truly thank you. You’re why we do this.


Stay Clutch,


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