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New Drop - Clutch Grip Tape

Clutch Sports Apparel is bringing you some awesome new bat grip designs just in time for the holidays!   

Everyone is always looking for the best baseball present to give their favorite player and this is one of the best gifts that you can add to your holiday sports shopping list this year!  

At the cost and value, you might as well buy a few!  

Clutch is dropping SIX new bat grip tape designs 

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Bat grip tape is used to wrap the handle of your bat where you grip it. Not only can it look cool, especially with Clutch bat grip tape, but it’s functional as well.  Bat grip tape helps increase the friction between your hand and your baseball bat.  Increased friction allows for a better grip which can result in better control of your baseball bat.  Increased control can lead to greater power and execution in your hits. Sounds like an essential item to me! 

ALL NEW Clutch Bat Grip Tape

Clutch is dropping SIX awesome new bat grip tape designs and they’ve made it pretty difficult to narrow it down to just one! 



The ALL NEW Space Games Bat Grip is giving space arcade vibes and will look awesome wrapped around your bat.  This bat grip tape features spaceships and aliens with a low profile color combination.  Featuring mostly orange and blue, this bat grip tape would pair well with any color uniforms. 





The ALL NEW Dynamite Bat Grip looks cartoony, but will give you real life power and performance help.  This bat grip tape is perfect for the light hearted, goofy baseball teammate that hits bombs.. SMASH! KA-BOOM!  The extra friction that you get from this bat grip tape will help you smash balls over the fences!





The ALL NEW Diamond Plate Bat Grip Tape features the look of a metallic tread surface.  Diamond plates are often used as a gripping surface, so it makes perfect sense to use this pattern for a gripping surface on your baseball bat.  Diamond plates reduce the likelihood that someone will slip, the same way that bat grip tape prevents your hands from slipping while they are gripping a baseball bat.




The ALL NEW Cyber Bat Grip Tape features a geometric pattern.  This bat grip will match any uniforms, any bat and any style.  This is the bat grip tape that you use when you don’t need any flair or distractions, just increased grip and power.  





The ALL NEW Comic Strip Bat Grip Tape is similar to the Dynamite Bat Grip Tape, except it tells a little bit more of a story… The story of how awesome you’ll hit when you wrap your bat with this bat grip tape. This blue Comic Strip Bat Tape gives Bazooka bubble gum vibes and makes me feel pretty nostalgic.  No doubt that this bat grip tape gives you next level power! 




The ALL NEW Bananas Bat Grip Tape might be my personal favorite, just because it’s so random.  Who doesn’t love bananas?  Who doesn’t love yellow?  Who doesn’t love yellow bananas on their baseball bat grip tape?  Pretty sure no one, because everyone is sure to love this Bananas Bat Grip Tape!




No matter which one, (or four) new Clutch bat grip tapes you grab, you will be impressed and happy with the increased friction and control that they give you over your baseball bat. 

Clutch Sports Apparel also offers some great options to add to your baseball wardrobe.  They offer some great baseball hoodies and some awesome baseball hats.  

No matter what you do on the baseball field, make sure you’re Clutch! 

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