How Clutch Sports Apparel All Started

We often get asked how did we come up with our unique batting glove idea? So we decided to let everyone know how it all started with our very first blog post.

Two years ago one of the co-founders (Josh) had two twin brothers that was heading into their senior year of high school. They both were really good baseball players and loved to play the game. He was trying to think of something cool and different he could get for them that no one else would be able to get for them that would make their senior year more meaningful. One day while taking a shower he was thinking why they couldn't make gloves that all the football gloves that show a design when they put their hands together, but that wouldn't work because no one sees the bottom of batting gloves. At that time some soap from the shampoo ran down the front of his hands and it hit him. Make an interlocking design that only appears when you grip the bat. At that moment he got out and started sketching some ideas and thoughts down.

He called the person who would later become the second co-founder (Bobby) and then the idea started to have legs. Bobby and Josh worked on sampling material for the palms, backing, printing, strap, and down to the material the lettering would be on the strap. With Bobby's knowledge in manufacturing and Josh's baseball knowledge they quickly put together what they thought was a high quality baseball batting glove.

While the first prototype (the tiger glove in the photo) was a success; the second, third, and even forth runs were nothing but bust. Josh still to this day uses all those gloves as gardening gloves when he does landscaping work with his wife around the house. But failure to Bobby and Josh wasn't an option. They knew they were on to something just needed to keep pushing. 3 months later they got their first shipment in of good quality gloves (The American Flag Batting Gloves) and they never looked back.

And that is how Clutch Sports Apparel was born. So if you have an idea or a dream, go for it. You only get one shot at this thing called life, so don't waste it living someone else's dream.

**Oh and Josh's twin brothers got their gloves for their senior season, and not saying it was because the gloves but both got college offers to play ball at the next level as well and still wear the gloves in the cages and games.**

  1. American Flag Batting Gloves being worn
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