Improve your swing, weighted bat

Baseball Drills to Improve Your Swing

When it comes to baseball drills, there are several that can help improve your swing and your arm strength. Some of the best drills for improving your swing include practicing with a weighted bat and hitting off a tee.

Weighted Bat

A baseball drill that can improve your swing is practicing with a weighted bat. By hitting off of a tee or with a pitcher, you can work on your swing and begin to see the difference in your performance at the plate. The weighted bat will improve your velocity when it is removed. Your arm has become accustomed to the heavier bat, and a lighter one will feel like a breeze when you swing.

Resistance Bands

Another great drill to improve your arm strength is throwing with resistance bands. These tiny bands can be placed around your wrist or elbow while you throw, and they will help build up the muscles in your upper body. Over time, this will translate into more power in your pitches and an increase in velocity.

Whether you're trying to improve your swing or increase your arm strength, there are drills that can help you get there faster. With practice and dedication, these drills can make all the difference in taking your game to the next level.

Resistance Training

A great drill that can help improve your arm strength is resistance training exercises. You can work on building and strengthening your muscles by lifting weights or using an exercise band to add resistance. Whether you're looking to boost your batting success or simply want to be able to throw faster and farther, these drills are sure to help you achieve those goals! Give them a try and see how they can take your game to the next level!

Resistance Training Exercises

These include lifting weights or using an exercise band to build muscle power. To do this, choose a resistance level that feels challenging for you, but not so difficult that you can't hold it for several seconds.

Then, complete 10 reps of the exercise with good form, taking about 15-20 seconds between each rep to recover before starting the next one.

If you're just getting started with resistance training, start with lighter weights and gradually work your way up to heavier ones as your strength improves.

Improving Your Swing

The best way to improve your swing is to practice basic movement fundamentals and increase your strength.  As with any sport or skill, keep practicing and you will see your performance improving over time! 

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